Hi, there! I’m Laura Testino, currently the assistant site editor for This Old House and previously at the American Society of Magazine Editors, Atlanta magazine, and Tuscaloosa News. I most recently wrote an investigative feature about Title IX and a former classmate for Teen Vogue and three profiles of young people interested in the building trades for the July/August cover story of This Old House.

I’m a Southern transplant to New York City, who was forewarned (and thankfully) to not romanticize trains, ever. This is me wondering if the F exists, after eating a really good bowl of spinach fettuccine at my favorite restaurant, Spaghetti Incident:

In addition to quality noodles, nature, and pups, I enjoy learning more and writing about arts and education (together or separately), and what the heck to do with (about?) those Southern roots. After growing up in metro Atlanta, I attended The University of Alabama, where I graduated summa cum laude with two Bachelor of Arts degrees: one in journalism and one in dance, with a minor in general business.

You’ll learn the most about me by way of my editorial work and work on stage. I post occasional thoughts here, too, and my résumé is right this way.

See also: Harriet M. Welsch (a.k.a. Harriet the Spy), Doug the Pug, Joan Didion, and Belle.