Photo by Will Hamilton

Hi there. I’m Laura Testino, currently the assistant site editor for This Old House and previously at the American Society of Magazine Editors, Atlanta magazine, and Tuscaloosa News. I most recently wrote about Title IX and a former classmate for Teen Vogue and about three young people interested in the building trades for the July/August cover story of This Old House.

I’m based in New York City, and living here is made more wonderful by pasta at Spaghetti Incident and hunting down the green parts of this island with my dog, Rita June. In addition to quality noodles, nature, and pups, I like to learn more and write about arts and education (together or separately), and what the heck to do with (about?) my Southern roots. After growing up in metro Atlanta, I attended The University of Alabama where I graduated summa cum laude with two Bachelor of Arts degrees: one in journalism and one in dance, with a minor in general business.

But you’ll learn the most about me by way of my editorial work and work on stage. My personal blog is also located on this site, as well as my résumé.

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