August 2: a piggy for your thoughts

Once, when this girl was the ripe age of 5, she received, from her aunt and uncle, a furry pig that walked and oinked. Three years and many stuffed animals of various sizes later (including a Build-A-Bear pig named Henry), she started waking up every morning thanks to a pink, old fashioned, oinking alarm clock. The pink alarm clock passed the test and made it to college, and has been effective thus far (although I have been able to dodge the 8a.m. courses until this next semester).

I’ve got a piggy bank with a tutu and tiara at home, and now, in addition to the alarm clock, I’ve got a red LEGO piggy bank for my apartment at school; after following the obsession Jordan and my littlest brother, Ryan, have with LEGO, I decided to finally buy one for myself today.

Lily and I building our LEGO sets with the help from expert Jordan.

Lily and I building our LEGO sets with the help from expert Jordan.

Coincidentally, today, the penny turns 106. And even if some think that it’s 106 years too old, it’s also undeniable that the penny’s inspiration for your thoughts (may I have a penny for them?), luck (face-up is best), decision making (just flip one), giving (take one, leave one), and money saving (oink, oink!) have made its 106 years in circulation quite worth it.

I’m looking forward to filling my 148-piece, red, plastic, cross-eyed farm animal with the copperish (but mostly zinc) coins.

Oink oink!

Oink oink!

And finally (kind of) understanding two of my favorite boys’ favorite thing. (Are they twins? You tell me.)

Ryan and Jordan.

Ryan and Jordan.

Also being celebrated today, are: coloring books, kids, sisters and ice cream sandwiches.

And to get a jumpstart on tomorrow, August 3, 2015, buy a watermelon!

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