1 August 2015: R-E-S-P-E-C-T

Last August, I ran my precious orange 2007 Ford Escape into a cement column in the parking deck of my apartment complex after calling the place home for about a week. I was rushing to park and run upstairs for a phone interview with Tony-nominated choreographer, Josh Bergasse, for a piece that ended up never seeing publication.

My dad came to Tuscaloosa the next day, dirtied a shirt, took me to Lowe’s and bought me an orchid and some car parts, ordered one online, and, a few more zip-ties later, Evangeline was out of surgery. I’m happy to report that, although she suffered a speeding ticket in July, she’s still in wonderful shape.

The year continued unexpectedly, and the freshman girl who happily embraced the future of a cynical cat woman found love in a wonderful man named Jordan, who can sing all of the lyrics to Beauty and the Beast, adores animals (especially pups), coffee, and tacos, and resembles a five-year-old in the same ways this not-so-cyncial-anymore girls still does, too.

Throughout the year more odd things happened (in addition to falling in love, which, sometimes, still gives me the heebie jeebies) which all served as perfect excuses to not keep up the habit of a blog, including, but not limited to: singing in an audition without breaking any windows, becoming an assistant desk editor at a newspaper, thinking the “low oil pressure” warning light was actually a genie bottle suggesting an oil change, standing on a Broadway stage, dancing in an opera about unicorns, doing splits on coatracks on stage on purpose, dressing like a Marx brother on accident, a Valentine’s day full of car trouble (not for Evangeline) and vomit, another job as a desk editor, a new obsession with podcasts, a trip to a music festival, and two trips to New York City, where I saw Josh Bergasse’s choreography in On the Town and almost decided it was worth running into concrete to have been able to talk to him.

The year also included more serious surprises, in the form of cancer in my family, and the passing of a fellow high school graduate in April, and a sister of the Alpha Psi Omega theatre honors society yesterday. Although I’m happy to report that my family member is doing better and is also now the father of a brand new, healthy and adorable baby girl, these three instances really reminded me to celebrate life as much and as often as I could.

They all three assisted in the inspiration for the renovation of this blog, which I hope will also positively change my lifestyle.

I’ve picked up listening to the podcast, “Happier with Gretchen Rubin,” where the self-help and happiness-studying author discusses habits and tips on how to improve your lifestyle for the happier, with her co-host, sister and television-writer, Elizabeth Craft. If I sound like a mother in her thirties, I probably am, deep inside (where I am also a super cool and tall hip-hop dancer and five year old who loves Disney, not a nerdy 20-year-old girl). But the podcast is great, and I make my bed every morning now, and contemplate things like whether I’m more of a questioner or obliger when it comes to upholding (or not) expectations.

I also have been interested in brownielocks.com (long story short, I was in search of a holiday to celebrate for a surprise party that turned out being the most bombastic celebration of the 1990s ever), which lists holidays for each day of the year.

So, the culmination of all of these unexpected, podcast-loving, and party-inspired instances will be this blog, that I began preparing about a month ago, and was almost too afraid to write today (because I’m a questioner, I think, which means that I have to have a good, justified reason to complete any task, ie. I’ve been in my terrible two’s for my whole life).

I want to celebrate a different holiday each day of the year, and I encourage you to do the same.

If all goes as planned, I’ll be posting at least some sort of blog post honoring daily holidays (long or short, full of pictures or with just one). Whether this turns into a daily or twice-weekly blog (I will not let this ever be sporadic-monthly, never again. Too many ice-cream and coffee focused holidays exist, actually, for that to be an issue), I’m not sure. But here’s to beginning it.

So, on August 1, although it has multiple celebrations (you can find lists of them on brownielocks.com, daysoftheyear.com, and nationaldaycalendar.com, among others), I’m choosing Respect for Parents Day (which may not be an officially official holiday, but officially official doesn’t mean it’s not worth celebrating). Parent’s Day, as it turns out, is celebrated in the United States on the fourth Sunday of every July, meaning it was last Sunday, but today, I’d like to celebrate respecting my parents.

Here’s a photo of us from earlier today:

(from left to right) Dad, me, Jordan, Mom, and Ryan celebrating Jordan's graduation.

(from left to right) Dad, me, Jordan, Mom, and Ryan celebrating Jordan’s graduation.

My parents and brother, Ryan, (John was working and we missed him!!) left the house at 6a.m. and drove three hours to come to Tuscaloosa to see Jordan (the awesome guy who can sing the Beauty and the Beast songs) graduate from college today. They’re headed back home now, and I have such respect for how kind and loving they are.

They love, support, and nurture anything and everything my brothers and I love — dance, Harriet the Spy, Lego building, fish and snakes, hockey, homemade Oreo ice cream, Apples to Apples — and need, but may not always love or realize we do (like clean clothes and attending public school, always well-supplied). And also make sure we know how to work hard for what we earn and appreciate it along the way.

Thank you guys for teaching me the power of hand-written thank-you notes, to do what I love, to work through the tough times, to convince people that I’m a helluva, helluva, helluva, helluva, helluva engineer (even when I am the farthest thing from, and sometimes it’s easier to support Bama than Georgia Tech), and that running into cement columns aren’t the end of the world, just something to be avoided at most costs.

I am thankful for you today and everyday, and hope you know that! I’m so glad I got to spend the day with you both (and Ryan!).

And with that, my first blog of these series is complete and celebrated! I’d like to see how you respected your parents today, or participated in some of the other celebration, including but not limited to:

Girlfriend’s Day

India Pale Ale Beer Day

Sandcastle Day

US Air Force Day

National Mustard Day

Spider-Man Day

World Lung Cancer Day

…and any others!

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