it’s not about b-13


Five letters that together must always be pronounced with some sort of emotion, typically enthusiasm (or potentially sarcastic dread at times, I suppose).  Probably said most frequently by the more senior citizens of society on Wednesday and Sunday afternoons and evenings, but that should be said by all of us, every age, daily.

About a month ago, I had the pleasure of volunteering, spending time with friends new and old, and bonding over the fact that the cage of numbered and lettered marbles just wouldn’t seem to filter out in the right order.

Too many B’s, not enough N’s.  The next time was the opposite, only the cards had been flipped, and the generous amount of N’s would have produced a Bingo! for the round.

But that was last time and this was this time and this time needed a translucent emerald circle tile covering the B-13 square so that Bingo! could be exclaimed with gusto, and a miniature stuffed red football could be in the winner’s possession.

Alas, B-13 was still sitting in the cage of numbered and lettered marbles when O-64 was called and the card across the table saw the diagonal row of translucent emerald circle tiles perfectly aligned and had the pleasure of announcing the Bingo! for The Caller and the players to hear.

His card was the winner that time.

For him, that time, everything had lined up in the right place and at the right time.

Had it been the round before, the caller of the number and lettered marbles would have called a different set, and it wouldn’t have been his Bingo!.

It would have been the Bingo! of someone else.

To the caller, the B-13 marble and the O-64 marble feel the same.  They are merely labeled differently and are placed in different spaces on different cards to the players. But to the caller, they are equal.

It’s funny how you can have every “B” covered, but one, that B-13.  You can be so sure that B-13 is exactly what you need, and, after all, it’s just one little space, you’ve already got the other 4, it’s bound to be called soon.

But you wait,

and you wait,

…and it’s not.

Not called.

But that doesn’t mean it’s time to clear your card.  And it doesn’t mean that your card is faulty. And it doesn’t mean that if you do have to clear your card, that it will put you at any more or less of a disadvantage than anyone else.

Actually, it’s mathematically proven that if you wait long enough, and have faith long enough, you’ll get to have your Bingo! turn at some point.

Some point, eventually, it will be your turn.

Have faith in your Bingo!.  Not just B-13.

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  1. How is it possible that you can be so wise at such an early age, that you can cause  your 68 year old grandmother to stop and look at life from a different perspective .  Your writing touches me on so many levels.  Love ya Bug!!!  See you in a few.


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